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Qingdao Speedmaster popularizing the safe use of laser engraving machine factory-related common sense

"Huicong printing screen" more extensive use of laser engraving machine, cutting and engraving is very fast, so make laser engraving machine industry up to the engraving machine. But as the laser equipment, when used according to some radiation damage to the human body, especially the laser cutting arc and flame, on the operator's eye injury is especially great. Then, in the daily production process should be how to protect eyes, radiation?

Laser cutting machine of protection equipment typical of is laser protection mirror, due to avoid laser on people eye injury of protection mirror, by its protection principle can is divided into reflection type, and absorption type, and diffraction type and composite type, several, certainly, they will according to laser cutting machine of laser radiation wave attended line filter protection, arrived on human of laser cutting machine laser of maintenance, this is market Shang more peace Bento of laser cutting machine of protection equipment. For plasma cutting machines, plasma arc can also use this form of protection.

1. According to national or local regulations, put on a protective layer of dark eyes or goggles or welding caps, to maintain his eyes from the glare of the fire, plasma arc ultraviolet and infrared light damage.

2. adjustment of dietary attention on strengthening anti-radiation

If there's enough healthy levels in the body, slight radiation on laser cutting machine is able to defend itself. Because these foods can help humans to better maintain eyes, making the body in the radiation condition of laser cutting machine, good maintenance of the human body.

3. set cutting the scene, the following measures can be taken to reduce the UV reflectivity or emissivity: painted dark walls in the workplace to reduce radiation device safety screen or drape to reduce UV radiation.

4. when the lens of the eye CAP, goggles or work when there is a depression, please feel free to change.

5. in workspace of its personnel do not look directly at the cutting arc or flame.

Above are some laser engraving machine operators used protective measures, in all its aspects, the most basic protection and security, not only can better operate the equipment may also work better personal protective security.

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